Produceand using clean energy in a sustainable and ethical way is a top priority for us. We apply innovative technologies to our products and strive for affordability to the general public. Thanks to this, you can become an investor in a cleaner future today.



First charging station equipped with Artificial Intelligence


Wi-Fi, 4G,  LTE, LoRa, to be always connected to network, and Bluetooth, RFID a NFC


Increased electrical protection, weather resistant and vandalism protection


It communicates with the user via ChatBOT


Simultaneous charging of up to 6 electric vehicles and the possibility of carrying out 2 water connections


More than 30 utilities such as: Air Quality Monitoring PM 10, PM 2.5, Temperature, Moisture and Acoustic Pollution

Charging stations

Patented. Free of charge. 5 year warranty. Made in Italy

Certificates: CE, IEC 61851-1, IEC 62196, UL 94, IEC 60695, EN60335

ReStation Elite 1.0

This design fiberglass charging station is available in a single socket version with a power rating of 3.7 – 22 kW or in a Doubleface version for 2 parking spaces. After dark, the sensor for LED lighting is activated. Suitable for public parking, tourist centers, for hotels and restaurants etc. We customize it according to your wishes using 2D or 3D printing.

ReStation ELITE 2.0

Sintered steel design station. Doubleface  with 1 to 4 sockets with 3.7 – 22 kW output. With the Power Ballance System, it is possible to charge up to 4 electric vehicles at the same time. It is particularly suitable for hotels and restaurants, parking lots, offices for business centers etc.. Possibility to personalize the station as required by 2D or 3D printing.

ReStation Silver

This charging station is made of polished steel. Mostly it comes with 1-2 outlets of 3.7 – 22 kW, but can be supplied with up to 6 sockets. So thanks to the Power Ballance System it is possible to charge up to 6 electric vehicles at the same time. It is suitable for municipalities  and their parking lots, hotels and restaurants, shopping centers etc. Possibility to personalize the station as required.

ReStation Totem ReCharge®

This charging station offers simultaneous charging capacity of 3.7 – 22 kW for up to 6 electric vehicles in same time. It is suitable for shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, offices, parking lots, etc. Possibility to personalize the charging station as required.


Made in Italy. 5 year warranty.

ReStation BASIC

The basic type of the Wallbox charging station. Available with 1 socket with a capacity of 3.7-22 kW, it is the most cost-effective option especially suitable for home use, garages, underground parking. It is available in columned version.

ReStation Elite

This wallbox is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and offers 1 to 2 drawers with a capacity of 3.7 – 22 kW. It has a built-in sensor to light up the perimeter LED lighting after dark. Customize the charging station as required in 2D or 3D format.


Sun & Wind carport shelter.

Made in Italy. 5 year warranty.

Charge your electric car for free, using renewable energy from sun and wind.

The solar shelter offers the ideal shaded parking space complete with echarging station for plug in or bicycle.  Solar panels and micro wind power can provide power to your home or recharging your car.

Carport is modular and individual modules can be connected to each other on all sides.

Ideal solution for large uncovered parking lots as well as for family houses


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